How deep will my well be?

  • Most wells will vary depending on the area.
  • Wells in Northeastern New Mexico and Southeaster Colorado Typically Range between 150’ to 750’.

How much water do I need?

  • Most Families will use between 75-100 gallons per person per day, or roughly 400 gallons for a family of four.
  • One gallon per minute equals 1440 gallons per day.

Where should a well be located?

  • In a place away from potential contamination.
  • In a place that is accessible for Drilling Rigs and Pump Installation Equipment.
  • Close to House or Structure to minimize underground trenching.

What costs are involved?

  • Permit Fee
  • Cost to Drill & Complete Well, (Usually broken down on a per foot cost).
  • Water Line Trenching
  • Well Pump & Distribution Cost

Water Well Terminology

Flow Rate:
Continuous Rate of Yield for the Well:

Size of Well:
Diameter and Depth of the well

Static Water Level:
Level at which water stands in a well when no water is being pumped

Artesian Well:
A well deriving its water from a confined aquifer in which the water level stands above the ground surface (flowing water)

A reservoir which bears water in recoverable quantity

The well borehole made by drilling or boring a well

A tubular retaining structure installed in the borehole to maintain the well opening

A tubular retaining structure with openings that allow sand free water to flow freely into the well

Mixture of cement and water to be placed between the Borehole and Casing to prevent Contamination

Water Table:
The upper level of ground water

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