Water Well Permits

Before drilling a water well, a New Mexico or Colorado state issued well permit must be applied for. Mack’s Drilling Inc. will help you get the type of water well permit you need, whether it is for domestic, household, commercial, or livestock use.

Water Well Permit Requirements & Regulations

  • A full legal description of the property including (Sec,township,range + .1/4-1/4) and / or G.P.S coordinates Northing & Easting using Nad 83 Datum.
  • A copy of a warranty deed describing the property.
  • The water well position on the permit must correspond within a 200 feet radius of the actual drill site.
New Mexico Colorado
Water Well Permit Costs

New Well – $125

Replacement Well- $75

Livestock or Temporary – $5

Payable to New Mexico State Engineer

New Well – $100

Replacement Well – $60

Payable to Colorado Division of Water Resources

Expected Permit Turnaround Time 2 weeks 4 to 6 weeks
Additional Information New Mexico Office of the State Engineer Colorado Division of Water Resources

At Mack’s Drilling Inc, we guide our customers through the necessary paper work, requirements and regulations concerning your water well permit including mapping and GPS readings. This will help improve the accuracy of information on your water well permit and minimize the turnaround time of the process.

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License Info:

New Mexico Licenses:

> Water Well Drilling #WD-916
> Electrical/Plumbing #361349

Colorado License:

> Water Well Contractor #1410

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